The Parish Council financial year begins on the 1st April and finishes on the 31st March each year.

At each meeting the Councillors approve the payments to be made following the meeting and every other month Councillors will receive and approve a bank reconciliation.

Internal Audit

An Internal Auditor is appointed each year to review the accounts and all aspects of internal control.  The internal auditor is an independent and competent person appointed by the Council and cannot be involved in any business with the council or a serving member of the council.  The internal auditor must report to the Council and sign a report on the Annual return to confirm that the councils system of control is in place and operating.

Full Internal Auditors Report 2017/18

External Audit

The Parish Council must approve the accounts and Annual Return on or before the 30th June, so that these are received by the External Auditor by the first week in July.

The annual return presents for electors and local taxpayer’s the councils accounting statements and governance arrangements in the year and the external auditors opinion on them.

The external audit is the process by which an auditor, reviews the councils annual return and other documents as required and reports to the council and electors.  The law requires the external audit to be carried out to ensure that the risks to public money have been managed.  The Audit Commission appoints auditors for all parishes in a county (known as external auditors) to review the councils annual return.

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

The Annual Return for Year Ending 31st March 2015 has now been concluded and signed off by the Parish Council.  If you have any queries regarding the finances of the Parish Council and wish to see the accounts books, please make an appointment with the Parish Clerk.

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